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Acknowledgements i 

The Dedication ii 

Dedication iii 

Autobiographical Incident 

"An Embarrassing Moment" Gonzalo Camacho 

"Cutting" Keri Clinton 

"The Last Crank Call" Adriano Crippa 

"Friends" Aaron Ganz 

"Dunk Fest" Ruben Garcia 

"The Joy Ride" Rick Gepilano 

"The Final Shot".. Rob Gonzalez 

"The Big Escape" Tiffany Herron 

"A Nightmare at the Bowling Alley". .. Karen Neely 
"The day I Earned my 1st Grey Hair".. Thorn Murphy 

"A Day to Remember" Dana Oxley 

"The Craziest Day" Michelle Parks 

"Easter Sunday" Chris Pratt 

"The Invisible Wars" Tom Proudfoot 

"Farewell Party" Carin Telle 

"Movie Bruises" Tonie Thompson 

"Santa Cruz" Edwin Yeager 


"Cruising It" Gonzalo Camacho 

"Fellings of Depression" Eddie Garcia 

"The Creation of Dads" Karen Neely 

"My Team" Ineika Nevarez 

"At Last I'm a Senior" Dana Oxley 

Biographical Incident 

"Sara" Cory-Lyn Brady 

"Dr. Strange" Rusty Ehrlich 

"Air Jordan" Ruben Garcia 

"All-Star Man" Rodney Humphreys 

"The Bike Ride" Michelle Parks 

"Lucky the Cat" Tom Proudfoot 

"My Mother" Robyn Standridge 

"Previewingo One" Maria Villarreal 


"Abortion-. My Opinion" Thom Murphy 















Reflective Essay 

"Love" ^^"^ Clanin Jt 

"Willpower" Adriano Crippa Ml 

"Stunt Boy" C^'TV ^[^^f^^i ^? 

"False Fears" R^^ty Ehrlich M3 

"Nostalgic Youth" ""^i^.^^^n ^^ u7 

"Reed's Rootbeer Lifesavers" ^Amy flcClellan ^f 

"The Slip" Inieka Nevarez 48 

"Bowling Season" Tonie Thompson Ml 

Rhymed Poetry ^. ^, ^^ 

"Steve Sax" Tim Clanin 51 

"I Won't Forget You" Keri Clinton 52 

"Friends" Tiffany Herron 53 

"Delta Fever" Brian Linden SM 

"The Season of Hunting" Brian Linden 55 

"Moonlight" Jeff Middleton 5b 

Sonnet Poetry _ 

"The Boy Down the Street" Cory-Lyn Brady 57 

"Flying" ^^7 <^^°;;^^i ^* 

"We're Not so Dumb" Aaron Ganz 5^ 

"Don't Think and Drive" Rick Gepilano bO 

"Michael Jordan" Rob Gonzalez bl 

"Magic Johnson" Rodney Humphreys b2 

"Not Doing Your Homework" Jeff Middleton b3 

"Cutting" ^^/^^f'^t uc 

"Musical Effect" Robyn Standridge b5 

"The Two of Them" Carin Telle bb 

"High School" Edwin Yeager b7 

Unrhymed Poetry M^noii^n ua 

"My Sister" Amy McClellan b6 


Index of Authors 

Digitized by tiie Internet Arciiive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Liberty High School, Brentwood, CA 


The Senior English Class of 1990 would like to thank the 
following people for their assistance and cooperation in the effort 
of creating this anthology. 

First, all the writers whose works are within this edition 
should be congratulated. Also, we wish to recognize Ms. Pirtle 
for all of her time and patience in the typing and computer room, 
and Rob Gonzalez for his typing ability in making this anthology 
"letter perfect." We would like to show our gratitude to Buck 
Holmes for the use of his computer and printer. 

To Mrs. Gonzalez, a special thanks for the use of the art room 
along with her expert guidance in the area of art. 

We are also grateful to Gary Crowell and Amy McClellan for 
putting forth the effort to do the artwork and cover for this book. 

A special thanks to the SIP organization for funding the 
anthology of writing and to Brian Linden for finding the extra 
effort needed for the fund raising activites. 

We, also, thank the co-editors; Tom Proudfoot and Michelle 
Parks for their coordination and creativity in combining twenty- 
nine different imaginations into one. 

And, finally, we would like to show special thanks and express 
our gratitude to Mrs. Hardy without whom this "Class of 1990" 
senior anthology could not have been possible. 



The year^ we started our anthology 
Nineteen-hundred and eighty-nine^ 
We had many dreams 
Along with problems that out us behind. 

We were awfully optimistiCy 
With ideas that didn't quite fit 
So^ we elected proof writers 
Who soon became quite miffed. 

Two newly appointed co-editors, Michelle and Tom, 
Joined up with Brian and Rob filling the bill. 
Along with artists Gary and Amy 
Our anthology staff was filled. 

We elected supplemental committees. 

To devide up the work; 

Adriano and Rusty became our creative force, 

A personal duty they never did shirk. 

Since then new members have been added. 
For editing prose and poetry lines. 
Even with all the peer editing. 
We never seemed to have enough time. 

Demonstrating his word-processing skills, 

Rob helped Dana, Keri, and Tiffany to utilize the IBM 

Along with five functional printers 

Producing a typed anthology of writing at the end. 

In terms of fundraising. 

We had a strong yen. 

To make lots of money. 

By selling subscriptions that never seemed to end. 

Needed them yesterday. 

Want them today. 

We ordered our anthology in April, 

Got it back in May. 

So after graduation. 

Just one momento is left. 

The 1990 Senior Anthology of writing which shows. 

That our class was a cut above the rest. 



Cory-Lyn Brady 
Gonzalo Camacho 
Tim Clani n 
Keri CI inton 
Adriano Crippa 
Gary Crowel 1 

Rusty Ehr1 ich 

Aaron Ganz 
Eduardo Garcia 
Ruben Garcia 
Rick Gepi lano 

Rob Gonzalez 
Tiffany Herron 
Rodney Humphreys 
Brian Linden 
Amy McClel Ian 

Jeff Middleton 
Thorn Murphy 
Karen Neely 
Ineika Nevarez 
Dana Ox ley 
Michelle Parks 
Chris Pratt 

"Keep striving for the best." 
"Cfulzln for a brulsln." 
"Baseball Nania" 
"better late than never." 
"I Love you. " 

"YouVe damned if you do and youre 
damned if you don't." 

"It's not the size of the magic wand, 
but the magic the wand yields." 


"Silence makes the heart nrow fondpr." 

"Hoooooppp! ! " 

"A Rick, Rick, Rick A Rick, Rick, 

Rick. " 

"8 ball, corner pocket." 

"Questions many, answers none." 

"What's up sucka?" 


"One of Mrs. 
nightmares. " 

Hardy's worst 

"My Dog ate It! ! ! " 

"The silent majority'.' 

"Jazzy Little Bo Peep" 

"Shut up, Roooob" 

"Super \/oman." 

"Our awesome editor" 

"Fresh Poet of the English Class' 

DEDICATION (cont. ) 

Tom Proudfoot "If you take everything seriously 

you'll be seriously ill." 

Robyn Standridge ..^^ creative force." 

Carin Telle "The friends that stay around after 

high school is done are the true 
friends of 1 ife. " 

Toni Thompson "^,o./linn anyone?" 

Maria Villarreal "Stm waters run deep." 

Edwin Yeager "Surf's up, Dude" 




Once^ my friend^ Carlos, and I were cruising around town. I 
was right behind him in my dad's^ blue. Ford pickup truck, while 
he was in his own car, a Mazada 626. That's when we saw these two 
girls we knew, Yolanda and Jenny, walking down the street. We went 
and pulled over beside them and started talking to them. 

After we talked for a while, they asked me for a ride to their 
house because they were running late. We got into the truck, and 
were ready to go when it happened. The truck didn't want to turn 
on. I thought to myself, "Of all the times it could happen, it had 
to happen right now". It didn't do anything, like a dead animal. 
I couldn't figure out why. I thought maybe it was the battery, so 
we tried to jump it with Carlos' car and his cables. It didn't 
work, and that's when I started to get worried. It was also pretty 
embarrassing with the girls there waiting. Carlos took them home, 
and he gave me a lift home to get my dad. He dropped me off, and 
I told my dad all about it. 

So, off we went again to see what was wrong. Before we went, 
my brother told me to check if it was on "DRIVE", because that's 
what he did once. I didn't pay much attention to it. I didn't 
think I could be that dumb. 

We took off to check out the truck. We opened the hood and 
tried to see what was wrong with it. Then, just for curiosity, 
I checked if it was on "PARK". That's when I felt so stupid and 
embarrassed. It was on "DRIVE" the whole time. I told my dad, 
and he just looked at me in a funny way. So, we went home relieved 
that it wasn't something serious. 

I told my friends all about it the next day. They joked around 
and made me feel more stupid than I already felt. I just thought 
of it as one of those stupid things you do in life. 




Can you actually remember the first time you cut a class? 
"No", well I can't either. Trying to remember how it all started. 
Oh yes , that wonderful day in Kingergarten. 

It was a warm day about 13 years ago. Me and my friend Andrea 
a brown haired, freckled nose little girl were playing outside in 
the playground at recess. We were playing on the monkey bars, 
laughing and hanging upside down. It was just about time to go in, 
and I got this brillant idea, "Let's see how long we can stay out 
for". When the bell rang, Andera and I ran and hid under the 
slide. You see the slide is very low to the ground, and you would 
WQye to get on your hands and knees to see if anyone was under 
there. Mrs. Howell took all the kids inside for a story. Andrea 
and I were so excited that we got away with staying outside. We 
decided to stay under the slide a little bit longer to make sure 
the coast was clear. All of a sudden the door flew open and out 
rushed Mrs. Howell and Mr. Everett. They looked worried they were 
looking everywhere for us. Finally they looked under the slide, 
and they saw us laughing. They grabbed us by the hand and dragged 
us to the office. Mr. Everett, the principal, told us we could 
choose our punishment. We could get a spanking by the paddle or 
no recess for a week? We took the no recess for a week. All that 
week all you could see was our little faces pressed up against the 
window watching all the other kids laughing and playing . 

Now when I look back, it was worth getting in trouble for. 
As I sit in detention today for cutting, I don't think it's worth 
it. Well actually it was. 




The first of April-. I'^fl'^-. 
schoolmates for a school holiday. 

I went to Florence with my 

Ue were in 
different towns, 

a big hotel with a lot of other classes from 
All rooms had a phonei and we could call other 

At night we started calling all the other rooms where there 
were kids. bJe were making crank calls. Ue said to them: "I am 
the directorT please be quiet; don't bother other customers." 

Some kids believed ust and they apologizedi but somebody 
answered: "Your voice doesn't sound like an adult." However-, we 
kept going on. 

Meanwhile-, the real director was going around to find out who 
was making noise. He knocked at room 215-. I still remember-, and 
he said "I am the director." The kids were so scared because just 
ten minutes before we had called them asking them to be quiet-, but 
they hadn't believed me because of my voice- 

Afterwards we kept callingi but after only five minutes the 
director knocked at our door. He was not angry. He only told us-, 
smiling-, to stop those crank calls-, and we did so. 




A couple of days agoi my friends and I got into a bit of 
trouble. It uas a very memorable occasion. It was Rickyn the 
Filipino kidi uho always has something to sayn Rustyi the little 
red headed kid with the odd sense of humori and myself. Ue uere 
all sitting at my friendi Chad Smith's house. Chad wasn't there. 
He went to the store to get some grub- Rick got this crazy idea 
to throw eggs at cars from atop Chad's back fence. Rust and I 
thought this was a cool enough ideai so we agreed. So outside we 
wentn three musketeers bound by a friendship that could never be 
broken- It was a beautifully clear sky at about midnight. Ue 
perched ourselves on top of Chad's fence waiting for our first 
victim. Ue saw headlights rapidly approaching. This was it. Ue 
took aim. It was now within range. Now! Ue all threw in perfect 
synchronicity like some finely tuned machine our eggs flewn like 
guided missiles toward the car. All three eggs struck the 
windshield. The car stopped. This wasn't right. They usually 
just kept on going when you bombed them with eggs. Uhen we saw 
thisn we immediately ran for the house. Once inside-i we locked the 
house and peered out as some huge man kicked in Chad's fence. All 
I could think of was that since I was in this messn I was glad I 
was with my friends. Suren what we did was stupidn but it makes 
you feel close to someone when you're in trouble together. This 
man was eventually satisfied with kicking in the fencei but this 
incident made me remember something that happened to Rust and I 
when we were little that I'll never forget. 

It happened right after I moved here from Antiochn when I was 
ten. A little red headed kid named Rustyn who lived down the 
streetn turned out to be my best friend at the time. Ue did all 
kinds of fun stuff like tricking people into eating scabs and 
making bicycle racetracks in his yard. 

One dayn Rust and I went to school and that was boring as 
usual. Ue sat around and cracked stupid jokes in class-i much like 
we do now. Anyway-i we suffered through the length of the day. 
After schooln we rode our bikes home to Rusty's house and soon 
discovered that there wasn't a whole heck of a lot to do. 

"Uhat do yo want to do Rustf" I asked- 

"I don't know. Uhat do yo want to do?" he answered. 

"Uant to ride bikesf" 

"Nah-. it's too hot." 

"Uant to go run in the sprinklers?" 

"Nah-, it's too cold.'' 

"Want to beat Misty?" Misty was Rusty's six year old sister 
whom we both enjoyed beating on every once in a while. 

"Nah-i I'm too tired." he replied. 

Theni out of the bluen he said-i "Heyi you want to go play with 
my water rocket?" 

"Sure!" I excitedly answeredn loving to play with his water 
rocket • 

So we took his littlen red water rocket out into the front 
yard", filled it with waters and launched it. Mann it was great! 

"Look at her go!" I yelled as the rocket flew through the 
air-, spraying a fine mist of water from behind it. ble had launched 
that little red beauty a couple more times when I caught something 
out of the corner of my eye hopping on the ground. It was a little 
tree frog. I picked it up. It s little eyes stared at me as it 
urinated on my hand. 

"Hey Rustn let's end it to the moon!" I suggested- 

"Yeahi first frog on the moon!" 

Rusty ran in the house and grabbed a roll of scotch tape. He 
then taped the frog to the tip of the rocket. You could see little 
veins showing on his temples as he clumsily fastened the frog to 
the vessel. This was great! li)e were both so full of childish 

When the frog was on-, we pumped up the rocket and aimed it 
straight up to where the moon would be at night. 

"Launch it-. Rusty." 

"Okayi countdown." 

Together we sounded off-. "10-.T-.8-.7-.b-.S-.M-.3-.2-.l-. blastoff!" 

Rusty launched the rocket-, and the frog hurling into space. 
Actually it only went about 40 feet and did a nose dive-, squashing 
the little frog into oblivion. Seeing this-, we started laughing 
hysterically. This isn't what we expected-, but it was still great. 

Ue made so much noise laughing that Rusty's mom came out to 
see what the commotion was about. When she saw the squashed frog 
on the ground and we saw the surprised and then angry expression 
on her face-, we knew we were in trouble. Probably big trouble. 
It didn't seem to matter-, though. Ue had our friendship. And 
being in this much trouble made us realize what good friends we 
were. Best friends even. 




It happened this summer when our basketball team went to camp 
at Lassen College in Susanvillei Ca. If I remember correctly it 
was the third day of our seven day visit during the noon session. 
I was shooting around and warming up when I saw this figure coming 
toward me. This figure was as skinny as Dolly Parton only 
boobless. I tried to hide my laugh as he came closer since it was 
the head coach of Lassen Collegen Coach Katz. He told me that he 
had heard from someone that I could dunk. I told him that he had 
heard correctly. He then repliedn "I don't believe it." 

I saidn "Uhy notf" 

He saidi "Look how small you are-*^ 

If it's one thing I hate it is someone judging someone else 
by their appearance- As my anger was devolving from my head into 
the aiPn I told himn "Let me get warmed upn I don't want to hurt 
myself ." 


He repliedn "That's just an excuse-i I don't think you can do 

I taunted-i "Just watch and you'll see 

As I warmed up a little moren I noticed he was talking to one 
of the other camp members with his back to the hoop. By this time 
all of the other camp members and coachers had filled the gym. 
While he was talking to someone-i I went up real quick and put a 
one-hander through with just a little authority. I guess he caught 
a glimpse of it because he turned around real quick and saidn "Do 
that again-i I didn't see it." 

I guess a lot of other people caught a glimpse because slowly 
everyone gathered around in the form of a circle-i and all attention 
was focused on me. I was thinking to myself-i "Oh S--T-. about 200 
people are watching me. If I choke-i I'm history." I gathered my 
composure and said to myself "Here it goes." I took two dribbles 
and launched into the air. On the way to the hoopi I couldn't see-i 
but I could tell all heads were focused on me. Following my fluid 
motion through the air as I went up with one hand-i I cocked it far 
behind my head and gorilla'd the ball through the hoop. After the 
ball went through the hoopi I hung there for a few seconds with the 
rim bent at its maximum breakaway point. The landing gear came 
outn and I safely met the ground. This pumped me up so much that 
I was pulling everything. Two handed reverses-i alley oopsi you 
name iti and it was done. After the oohs and aahs were over with 
from the crowd-i at least four coaches came up to me and questioned 
me on my basketball history. This was important to me because 
people liked what I was doingi and I enjoy experiencing the feeling 
that gives me- I went to a foreign land a nobody and made a name 
for myself. 




Everytime someone asks me if I want to skip class with them 
I am always reminded of an incident that happened my junior year. 
It was another lazy-i spring day when nobody wanted to stay in 
school. My friendsn Aaron and Nate-i and I decided to go to Taco 
Bell for lunch. Ue sneaked across the grassi past the "Narks" and 
to my car. die all piled in. 

When I driven I like to put a little sport of going from one 
place to another. The holes that spray windshield wiper fluid on 
the hood of the car turn outwards. This way you can spray the cars 
in the next lane and the pedestrians on the sidewalks- I get a lot 
of people upset-, but I guess I'm just a rebel. 

Natei Aaron and I made it safely out of the student parking 
lot and started on a spraying spree. We made our water marks on 
half the people in Brentwood. Drive-bys on old ladiesn seven 
people waiting for the BART bus and a group of skaters-i who also 
decided to cut class. Ue felt a trail of cursingn screaming people 
as we all laughed hysterically. 

As we drove toward the front of the schooln I looked carefully 
to choose a victim. It was then I saw the perfect target. 

It was a yellow Nova stopped in front of the school waiting 
to turn in. The open window was like a bulls-eye on the side of 
the car. I put my finger on the lever like a soldier cocking his 
gun. As the front end of my car got to his doorn I opened fire- 

The shot was a thing of beauty. The stream of water started 
across the windshieldn into the car and across the open mouth of 
the driver. Ii)e all laughed so hardi I almost swerved into the next 
lane and hit an oncoming car. 

I looked back to see the reaction of my victimi but then 

realized what a mistake I just made. Behind a hand-, using some 

sort of sign language that I didn't understand-, was the body of a 

gorilla who had just made it back from Woodstock and his twin 
brother in the passenger's seat. 

The Nova completed a U-turn and were after us. Our fun 
suddenly turned to horror. 

All at once-, the three of us screamed-. "HAVOC!!"-, a word we 
always used when in a bad situation-, such as this one- 

I kept driving down Highway M until we were slowed down by 
traffic. The hippies saw this and decided to speed up. They were 

about fifty yards and gaining fast. Around 20 yards-i they finally 
slammed on their brakes. 10 yardsn *1 yards-i 6T7nb-i5iMi3-i2i I then 
gripped the wheel till my knuckles turned white- 

At the last second-i the guy turned his wheel and stopped 
inches from my car. They pulled up along side of us in the stopped 

"Get out of the car-i so I can beat you up!" the driver yelledi 
using many more colorful metaphors. Natei who was in the 
passenger's seat and the focus of this verbal thrashing-i calmly 
looked forward and rolled up the window as if no one were talking 
to him. 

I looked at my gas gauge and was relieved to see a half a tank 
full of gas. "I think the freeway is looking damn good right nown" 
I said in my calmest voice. 

Nate just replied-i "Let's just get away from these homos!" 
He had the right idea. 

Traffic started up againi but the guys were still on our 
tails. Ue drove past Taco Belli McDonald's and Lucky's. Looking 
in my rear view mirror every two secondsn I saw they weren't going 
to leave us alone. 

They followed us for two more miles and finally gave up-i 
turning into Lone Tree Way. They waved good-bye with their middle 

After they were long out of sight-i the three of us discussed 
how we should have pulled over and beat the tar out of them. I 
know-i thoughn all three of us were lucky to get out of that 
situation without losing a number of teeth. 

About six months ago I ran out of water in my spraying tank. 
I still haven't filled it up. I think it should remain that way 
for the good of my own health. 




This occurred last year during our basketball game with 
Concord High School. Our team had trailed Concord the whole first 
halfi but after halftime things changed drastically. Ue came out 
firing. Ue rallied from an IS-point deficit to go up by one with 
two minutes remaining. 

Ue were fired up and excited. The tempo was turning in our 
favor. The next minute and forty-five seconds was the slowest of 
my life. Time seemed to crawl along at a snail's pace. One team 
would go up by one and then the other team would go up by one. Ue 
found ourselves down by one point with just thirteen seconds 
remaining in the game- I had just been fouled. It was a one-on- 
one situation! meaning that I had to make the first free throw to 
tie the game up. I was very nervous and felt pressured to make 
both free throws since I was considered the leader and one of only 
three juniors on the JV team. Chris turned to me and saidi "nice 
and easy now-, you can do it." 

The first shot felt like a brick. It was heavy and seemed as 
if I had to push it up to the basket. It hit the rim like a brick 
grazing the front iron and bouncing upward hitting the backboard 
and finally went in. I was relievedi and it felt somewhat like I 
had won the lottery. Feeling comf ortable-i I took my stance on the 
free throw line again and calmly sank the second free throw with 
ease. The second shot was like a piece of cake. There was now no 
pressure to make it after all the worst we could do was tie. 
Swishn it went right through the hoop just like a smooth running 

After my second shotn Concord got the ball back and held it 
for a few secondsi but Chris promptly stole it back. All we had 
to do was hold the ball for twelve seconds. Fortunately! we held 
on to the ball and celebrated a most victorious win. 



We were free, we had escaped the monotony of school and were 
well on our way to Oakland. It was this type of day, the 
forbidden "truancy" that made us feel like adults. Music blaring, 
cigarette smoke lingering we puffed away, seats reclined and money 
in our pockets. We planned to hit the outlets the moment they 
opened ! ! ! 

We were there, and it was only 9:00am. Having an hour to 
kill, we decided to have tea at the local Bob's Big Boy. "Smoking 
or non-smoking," said the hostess. 

Looking at each other mischievously, we replied, "smoking". 
Sipping tea and flicking ashes, feeling very sophisticated, we felt 
as if we owned the world. 

Little did we know that the day would come to a disaster. As 
we went on to our first outlet, we had "spend money" on our minds. 
We stopped in a little shopping center where there were no cars but 
our own and a big yellow bug. As I turned off the ignition, I 
thought to myself, "I hope everything goes well today" and up 
opened the locks and out the door we went. It was sunny and windy 
outside but still a little chilly. As we walked up to the door, 
I could see Katie's blond hair flowing in the wind. We looked 
cute, and we knew it, we had the world at our fingertips. 

"Ooops", Katie exclaimed, "I forgot my purse." 

I dug in my purse to hand her the keys. I couldn't feel them, 
so I dumped the contents of my purse on the hood of the car. The 
keys were still not there. Panic stricken, I checked through my 
pockets, they were still nowhere to be found. I bent over and 
looked in the car, there they were, in the ignition!!! I said, "Oh 
shoot, Kate what are we going to do?" We tried each door, hoping 
we had left one open, but it was hopeless our day was doomed. I 
said to Katie, "let's be calm and rational." How convenient, we 
had a clothing store right before our eyes. The outlet clerk were 
gracious about loaning us a coat hanger. Though we tried wedging 
it in the door, it would not work. 

I had no choice. I said, "Katie get out there and sell your 
body and sell your soul, to help us find some convicts to break 
into this car." So there we were two damsels in distress in the 
shopping center parking lot, looking for convicts. Katie had waved 
down two prison looking men who came right over. They used the 
coat hanger, but it wouldn't work. Now I was really getting 
uptight. Our last choice was in mind. That was to call a Icck 
smith and use all of our money to get home. As the white truck 


approached usi this boney man with a big afro got out of the truck 
and gave us an estimate- This was all the money we hadn but we had 
no choice. 

Uhen this was overn our day was over-i we had to head on home* 
Now we both can sit back and laughn but next time we plan to cut 
schooli I'll have a spare pair of keys with me. 





Once upon a time-i not very long agoi I went bowling for the 
first time with a group of my friends. It uas a triple date with 
my ex-boyfriend Tomn my best friend Carlai and her date Tomn Linda 
and her boyfriend Pedro. Ue drove there all squished in my 
boyfriend's blue Camero like a can of sardines. Uhen ue arrived 
at the Pittsburg bowling alleyn we received our bowling shoes and 
gave them one of ours for security. Once we were all in our land 
and were ready with our shoes onn some of my friends arranged the 
order of people playing- In of coursei had to be at the top of the 
list on the overhead computer. 

I must admitn I was starting to get nervous and excited at the 
same time- I meani I thought to myselfn how hard can this ben it 
looks like a breeze. 

Sot as I started my journey up the lanen I asked if I could 
pass the line or if I had to stop there. I guess nobody heard me 
because I received no answern just a stare backn while everyone 
waited impatiently for me to start. I felt as if they all thought 
I was stupid or something worse. 

Not knowing at all what I was doingn I took my little steps 
and tightly gripped the bowling ball and stepped over the line. 
The next thing I knew I was flat on my back with my arms and legs 
spread out. fly heart was pounding-i as if I swallowed it- I was 
dying of total embarrassment- Besidesn everyone was laughing at 
men so I had to laugh too- As I slowly got upn I realized that the 
alley was packed with people everywhere pointing and laughing 
hysterically at me- There were two guys playing to the left of us- 
One of them fixed itn so I would have scored for a strike. I 
quickly thanked them as I blushed and laughed heading back to my 

As the night went onn I did improve and actually made some 
real points. After all the games were overn we drove to Taco Bell 
in Antiochn and there everyone piled out yearning to be free and 
had to bring up my terrible incident once more. I still ended up 
having fun with my friends. I know I will never forget this 
unforgettable moment- I still get really embarrassed just thinking 
about it. 





My Mother and Dad are divorced. During the school year I live 
with my mom, and I stay with my dad in the summer. This incident 
happened about the middle of July, 1988. I had come home to my 
mom's for a doctor's appointment. My dad let me borrow his 1980 
metallic gray Toyota Celica. It had about 120 thousand hard driven 
miles on it. I knew it ran pretty good, but I was still a little 
leary. The trip from Tracy, where my dad lives, to Oakley went 
smoothly. My dad had warned me to watch the level of the brake 
fluid because it was leaking. 

The next day I went to Kaiser in Antioch. My appointment went 
fine, and I was going to the car. Exiting the ai rcondi tioned 
heaven of the hospital, the climate was quite irritable outside. 
It was approximately 100 degrees and inside the car was even worse, 
so I let it air out for a few minutes. In the summer a car 
requires less gas to start and in the winter more gas to start. 
Well, I flooded it, and it took me about five minutes to get it 
started again. The car was not happy and was trying to die on me. 
Here comes the worst part, the intersection about a half block away 
from Kaiser is the busiest in Antioch. I made it to the left hand 
turn lane to get back to the freeway, and I was the first in line. 
Right before the light turned green, THUD!, KAKWIT!, the car 
stalled. Oh no!. Great, just great I thought to myself as I was 
hit by a barrage of honking horns. The light turned red and green 
again before a man got out of his car and tried to start the 
Celica. He got it going in about thirty seconds, and my heart 
finally started beating again. I made sure that the car wasn't 
going to die on me again. It was a very humiliating and 
frightening moment, but I lived to tell about it. This incident 
taught me a memorable, useful lesson about cars. 





It uas a sunny Saturday afternoon during the summer of my 
junior year in high school- My boyfriend David and I had decided 
to go on a picnic I really enjoyed our picnics in the peaceful 
countryside-i especially if there uas a lake nearby. There uas a 
lake on this particular picnic. Davidn on the other hand hatedn 
and I really mean hatedi to go on picnics. David really had no 
choice in the matter and usually decided to come along for the 
David and I had arrived at the park where we decided to spend 
the day. Ue had decided to hike to our usual spot. So off we went 
with ice chest and blanket in hand. There uas a traili mainly used 
by fisherman! that we followed to our deserted picnic patch. The 
walk uas about a mile and a half from the nearby lakei and our 
journey seemed further than it actually was. 

It was your usual picnic Ue had packed a lunch that we 
ravenously had eaten upon arrival. After lunch David and I enjoyed 
the peaceful settings of the countryside surrounding us. Finally 
after two or three hours of restingi David decided that it uas time 
to leave. In a state of boredom-i David began packing up our gear 
for the trip back to the cari with ice chest and blanket in hand. 

On the walk back David and I had taken the same desolate trail 
back to the car- Being so desolatei this trail is home to the 
squirrels as well as the fishermen. David had begun throwing rocks 
at the poor innocent baby squirrels which nou scurried away. I had 
asked David to stop-, but being a typical bored malei he refused. 
"What a jerk"-. I silently thought. It was definitely time to get 
even with David! 

Still walking along the same long trail-. I had decided that 
now was the time to seek my revenge- I was planning on a culprit 
mission of the shorts. Yes-, that's right-, shorts. When David was 
about a foot and a half in front of me-. I knew that the right 
moment was approaching. This would be a difficult task you see 
because it was I who now had the ice chest in hand! Running to 
catch up to David was hard-, but being as persistent as I am-. I did 
it. I quickly set down the ice chest-, (which was in hand of 
course) and pulled down David's shorts. To my surprise David 
walked along as if nothing had happened- I just about died from 
laughter. Could you imagine a guy walking down a path bare butt 
and everything-, as if he had not a care in the world- I was 

As if the scene were not bad enough as it was-. David had 
continued to walk as I laughed joyously. By this time two 


fishermen had become apparenti and I feared that they would see 
David in his hilarious state. He looked like a two year old who 
has just been potty trained but still has not learned to pull up 
his pants. 

"David pull up your pants quicklyn there are people coming!" 

"No Danan you pulled them down--now you pull them up." 

So here I am hurrying to pull up David's shorts- It was a 
pretty close calli but with my lightning flash speedn I had once 
again completed my task. And it was a good thing tooi the 
fisherman walked by just seconds later. I did notice the strange 
way they looked at us though. Looks of sheer lunacy toward David 
and I were upon their faces. 

To this day I still wonder if those two fisherman had actually 
seen David with his shorts down. But I was certainly sure that I 
would neverT ever again drop David's shorts!!! 




I was living in Chicago a year ago and attending a very 
exclusive all girls-. Catholic-, boarding school- One thing 
required of each and every girl going to Woodlands was weekly 

On this particular day all the fine young ladies of the 
institution filed into the church for the Liturgy. Ue all sat 
down and proceeded to ignore the minister. 

Ue whispered among ourselves. Although rude-i this act alone 
had become an art form for me and my friends. Some people create 
masterpieces of art like the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel-, but 
for us it was equally as gratifying to get away with 
chatting in church. Being caught practicing this unappreciated 
art form not only meant a monetary fine but also an endless 
speech from Sister de la Chappelle. 

Back to my story. Iile were all busy among ourselves. I was 
looking at the suspended crucifix in the middle of the altar. 
All of the students at Woodlands were in awe of how it hung there 
as if magically held. This lifesize crucifix was the pride and 
joy of my school. All of the sudden a Japanese student named 
Yoshi stood up and let out a blood curtailing scream. This was no 
ordinary screamn it was the kind in horror movies that people let 
out right before a villainous character plants an ax in their 

Needless to say we were all surprised not to mention startled 
back into reality. I never knew that such a tiny girl could let 
out such a huge scream. 

After approximately five minutes I noticed that the minister 
seemed very distracted. It was as if he was looking at something 
in the back of the church. I turned around and what to my surprise 
did I seef My French teacher sprawled out on the floor with 
several paramedics surrounding her. She was a very old and frail 
woman and apparently she had kind of tipped over and fallen out of 
her pew-i breaking her shoulder. 

It was the month of flay-, and the point of this ceremony was 
to crown a statue of Mary. bJe all tried to exit the church-, which 
included walking over poor Ms. Burnham. 

There were birds chirping and voices singing as two girls 
placed the crown on Mary's head. ble were all standing in the 
courtyard admiring this picturesque scene when a pizza delivery man 
drove up and called out-. "Who ordered the pizzaf" 


Sister Sumptern not so nicelyn escorted the pizza man and his 
pizza back to the delivery truck. 

Ue uent back into the church to finish the ceremony. As I 
watched Ms. Burnham being carried to the awaiting ambulancei I 
couldn't help thinking that it had definitely been the craziest day. 





It was a Easter Sunday in n7b. I was four years old and 
living in San Leandro. 

It started when I saw that great beautifuln huge-i tree house 
in front of me. fly eyes lit up like a pinball machine. I just had 
to climb up the tree house. My uncle just didn't want me to climb 
up in his tree house. He must have had something up there he 
didn't want anyone to seen because he had secretly fixed it-i so it 
was impossible to get up. 

My uncle argued with me for about thirty seconds before I 
started my journey up the towering tree house. I felt like Tarzan 
as I was swinging from branch to branch. 

Then all of a suddenn I didn't feel like Tarzan anymore. I 
felt like Supermann but only he couldn't fly. I was falling head 
first to the concrete below me. At this time-i my uncle was like 
Flash because he was gone in a second. As I crashed to the groundi 
I felt my head split open. Then my mouth openedn and I screamed 
my head off. 

No one would comen no one at all. Only the stupid dogi then 
my dad finally heard me. He saidn "Aw Seen Worse." 





"En garde!" I shouted as I ran my sword through my best 
friend. flike Curtis fell to the grassi rolling in agonyn blood 
spurting everywhere. But David Gerry was on my left-i and his 
mighty swings of a huge battle-axe began to pin me against a walli 
with no escape in sight. Thenn from behind a crowd of people-i 
Andrew Bevill dashed out and beheaded Dave with one valiant stroke. 

Ue were mighty fifth-grade warriors-i battling out fantasy wars 
with invisible weapons. It all started one Halloween-i when Rich 
Nance-, flike's friendi dressed up as a knight. Rich would walk 
around schooln bopping on the head anyone he sawi using a rubber 
mace he had constructed out of an old dog toy. But when he struck 
Hike the Uell-Armed Knighti Rich was stabbed with Mike's wooden 
sword. Then Andrew joined ini pretending to fire his bow at both 
nike and Rich. Dave and I grabbed the weapons our costumes had-i 
and a huge fight began. Ue were having great funn the best time 
of our livesn until a passing teacher confiscated our weapons. 

The next dayi we all sat together at lunch-i and lacking 
anything better to doi we talked about yesterday's battle. Rich 
recreated his part-i using nothing more than his hands and a "Mikei 
you're deadn" proclamation! but flike refused to diei replying with 
a swing of an imaginary sword- Everyone joined inn swinging 
invisible weapons at each othern and people would be killedn only 
to stand up and fight some more. 

Soonn unwritten rules appearedi and we would stop the "You're 
dead.... No I'm not!" arguments. People would agreeably fall to 
the groundn waiting for their murderer to turn and face another 
direction. Over the next few weeksn strange people we didn't know 
joined the battlei and they were usually hacked to bits by a mad 
charge of the five of us. Even innocent bystanders were sometimes 
"accidentally" maimed or butchered- 

By the end of the yearn each of us had a preferred weaponi 1-, 
a light rapiern a fencing sword; Dave-i his trusty battle-axei Mike 
had a mighty two-handed sword; Andrew was armed with a normal 
sword; and Rich had a mace or morning star. The strangers we 
didn't know usually were faced with all of us yelling at them 
simultaneously! "Looki you dropped your sword!" 

Our great wars now seem childish and pointlessn and they were 
certainly violenti but they allowed us to discover a valuable tooln 
our imaginations. Using imaginary weapons to fight invisible warsn 
we created an activity that we will remember forever. 





During the beginning of my seventh grade year at Benicia 
Middle Schoolt my group of friends consisted of the two best 
friends a girl could ever have. Andrea had moved to Benicia during 
fourth gradei and Carolyn had just moved there from Walnut Creek. 
It uas amazing hou well ye all got along-i despite the many 
arguments ue got intoi ute always worked things out. 

At the beginning of this yeari I had the feeling that it was 
going to be the best year ever. I had the two best friends in the 
whole worldn and there wasn't anything that could go wrong. Of 
course things did go wrong. Andrea approached me with some bad 
news. She had a gold chain around her neck with a sparkling prism 
dangling from iti and in her hand she had an identical prism for 
me. The only catch to receiving this delightful gift was that I 
had to promise to wear it at all timesi and I had to keep in touch 
with her. The bad news was that she was moving back to Minnesota 
in just about a month. The little group that we had was being 
split up and at that point I felt as if nothing could go right. 

After the initial shock had hitn we decided to make the most 
of it and throw a wild and crazy partyn or at least as wild and 
crazy as a seventh grade party is allowed to get. The party would 
be small and intimate but full of friendship! laughsn and memories 
to last us years. Another friend of ours named Chanda said that 
she wanted to have the party-i so everything was set. 

Our crazy minds worked out strange ideas for our wild party. 
First we were going to get dressed up really obnoxiously and walk 
over to the ice cream parlor down the street. 

Our creative minds went into actionn and our fingers began to 
style our hair in weird concoctions. Ue worked on our hair for 
about half of an hour by using a lot of hair spray to make it stick 
upi out and everywhere. Our faces looked like a painter's canvasi 
so thick and caked on that it could have easily been scraped off 
with a dull butter knife. As we all stood in front of the mirror 
looking at our finished productn we were so completely impressed 
with ourselves. Our clothes complimented our make up and hair 
styles very well. Ue put bright striped clothes with cut off 
shirtsn and all sorts of other articles of clothing that did not 
match- After we were all finishedi we gathered up our money and 
proceeded down to the ice cream and candy store. As we walked down 
the streetn people gave us complete looks of horror-, almost as if 
we were mutant kids from broken homes. 

After ue bought our goodies-i we returned to Chanda's house and 
proceeded to get wild and crazy. For all of usi it had to of been 
about the most fun ever. 

The time camen and Andrea uas gone. The remainder of the year 
just didn't seem the same after she left. It uas a hard time for 
all of us-i but even more so for me because Andrea uas my very best 

For about two years after Andrea's departure-i the prism she 
gave me never left my neck. That necklace uas my pride and joy 
and I took care of it better than anything that I ouned. At least 
I thought I did. One day I noticed that it uas not on my necki and 
I knew that I hadn't taken it off. My beautiful chain with the 
prism from my best friend uas gone forever. After it was gone-i I 
almost felt empty-i as if I had lost a part of my best friend and 
my treasured past. 




It was a cold and dark Friday night. I uas sitting watching 
the television when the telephone rang. For some reason I uas 
reluctant to pick it upi but after listening to it ring once or 
tuiccT I could no longer stand it. I held it to my ear not saying 
anything at firsti then after a feu seconds the person on the 
other end saidi "Hellof" I then figured out uho it uas and started 

A uhile after talking to my friendsi ue decided to go see a 
movie. I uanted to see a horror flick that uas playing near by. 
I figured I uas already in the moodi so I might as uell do 
something uith it. An eerie feeling uas moving in stronger by the 
minutei like the waves at high tide in the uinter. 

Iile arrived at the movie theatre a little uhile before the 
lights dimmed. Surprisinglyi the theatre uas quite empty for a 
Fridayi but ue didn't mind. That uas just less popcorn to pick out 
of our hair after the movie. Besidesi I didn't like the thought 
of people I didn't knou anything about sitting next to me. 

After about ten minutes the lights dimmed to blackness-, and 
the advertisements began. I uas comfortably slouching in my seat 
uhen all of a suddenn I felt a person sit doun in the seat directly 
beside me. It uasn't that I didn't like sitting by people I knew 
nothing aboutn but there were plenty of other seats available for 
them to sit in. I uas too timid to say anything! so I simply sat 

The movie then started. I think it uas the most disturbing 
movie I've ever been to. All during half of the beginning! the 
stranger talked to himself and jumped at the scary parts. 

This movie uas truly the most frightening of all the movies 
I've seenn but my neighbor didn't help any. The climax of the 
story uas comingi you could feel the tension in the theatre-i then 
all of a sudden I felt him-i the stranger next to me-i grasp my arm 
with such force that I screamed out in horror. Unfortunately it 
uas a part uhere everybody else uas screaming tooi so nobody 
noticed. At least not until they stoppedi and I kept goingn then 
all of the suddeni the lights turned on^ and the movie stopped. 
Finally! I stopped- I looked around the room at all the strange 
staring faces. I looked to my left at my friends uho uere staring 
at me uith total embarrassment. Then-, feeling completely immature 
and ridiculous-. I turned to the right expecting to find an 
incredibly embarrassed person-, uho uas probably under the seat by 
nou-i but instead I found an empty seat- I don't knou uhere this 
person could have gone-. I even looked underneath the seat. But-. 
I knou he uas there-, for the bruise on my arm reminded me of it for 
days after. 





It was late August afternoon-i the temperature was in the TO's- 
The sun was beating doyn on my skin. I was on my way to Brett's 
house to meet up with him and Kevin. Santa Cruz was the 
destination. Once packing all our gear in the cari we took off to 
the highways. After an hour and a halfi we reached Ocean Street. 

Unloading all the gear from the trunk tired ust so we decided 
to stay in the air conditioned motel room. After ordering and 
devouring a large pizzai we decided to sit on our balcony. There 
the lights of the Boardwalk and the excitement of the nightn lured 
us into dancing lights and crowds of screaming people and having 
a good time. After two hours we decided to run out of all the 
excitementn then to the point to see what the shorebreakers were 
putting out. After about 150 yard jog-, we reached Sandy Point. 
There we could see the moonlight reflecting off the restless sea 
with shorebreakers about ^ 1/E face. That's when the adrenalin 
rush came over us to run back to the motel and gather the Victoria 
skimboards for a midnight session. 

Arriving with excitement and determination to out run each 
othern we noticed the M 1/2 foot face had almost doubled its size. 
So now we had plenty of wash from the waves. So we could skim on 
top of the thin layer of water for almost 30 yards. The smell of 
the salty air and the excitement of skimming across the water for 
hours had brought us to a lifeguard tower for a rest. There we 
traded tall tales about how ruthless we were on the water. Ue then 
ventured back to the salty water for another round of skimming. 
Adrenalin died out like a slow burning candle. 

As we slowly walked back to the moteli arms and legs burning 
from the earlier sessioni we talked about the previous hot summer 
nights. Discussing future plans of our rising business and how we 
could expand our services. 

Ue found ourselves sitting in front of the television watching 
the newsn ideas floating aroundn a muscle twitch here and there. 
Eyes slowly closing and getting heavyn thinkingn dreaming of the 
adventure we had ahead of us tomorrow hitting all the skimming 
beaches. The light is turned outi and there we lay in our separate 
beds dreaming of the morning tide 





I always like driving down the cruise, 
With my friends and meeting new chicks, 
On Friday nights, while checking things out, 
And picking up on girls with our new tricks. 

Cruising down, cruising down, what a blast, 
Cruising down, cruising down, I hope it lasts. 

Cruising down the street in my dropped mini truck, 
People checking us out with our funky beat, 
While we pass by McDonalds to get some food, 
With my friends, cause it's my turn to treat. 

Cruising down, cruising down, what a blast, 
Cruising down, cruising down, I hope it lasts. 





I found myself alone, 
With many things to share, 
But I never ever realized. 
The feelings others bear. 

Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! 

I don't know where to go! 

Sometimes I think I'm the best, 

Sometimes I think I'm lost, 

But that never seems to help me. 

Since I never get what I want the most. 

Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! 

I don't know where to go! 





God took the strength of a mountain, 

The majesty of a tree, 

The warmth of a summer sun, 

The calm of a quiet sea. 

The generous soul of nature, 
The comforting arm of night. 
The wisdom of the ages, 
The power of the eagles flight. 

The joy of a morning in spring. 
The faith of a mustard seed, 
The patience of eternity. 
The depth of a family need. 

And then there was nothing more to add, 
And so, He called it — Dad. 





I play on a team that's destined for successi 
Ue aluiays play uell and sometimes ue uin> 
To lose is not to be a losern 
But to never try or give it a spin. 

If we try and try and tryn 
Then someday we will fly. 

Our coach says we have a lot of potential-i 

She says we will bring her glory. 

She says we are cooli but that's not itn 

She says we will bring her glory. 

If we try and try and tryn 
Then someday we will fly. 

Uith the twelve of us are a teami 
Ue take pride in one another. 
Ue tell ourselves how much we care-i 
Ue say we love each other. 

If we try and try and tryi 
Then someday we will fly. 




Finally^ at last, I am a senior. 

As a senior, I plan to have a blast. 

Do well so I can be at the head of my class, 

I want to have a blast but not to be last. 

Oh! No! It's almost time to go. 
Oh! No! I'm afraid to go. 

It's nice to be at the top of the school. 
As a senior it should be fun. 
But, too much fun won't last long. 
It's nice to have fun in the sun. 

Oh! No! It's almost time to go. 
Oh! NO! I'm afraid to go. 



I '// 1 i// I /i \ I \\l\/ 

1 1 






Sara is now about fourteen years old. She is a polite-i 
reserved person and an intelligent conversationalist. She has 
always had these positive qualities ever since I have known her- 
Butn at the same timei when I look into her deepn sensitive eyesi 
I see a vulnerable! little girl. A person that the world would at 
any timen take advantage ofn while she watched forgivingly. 

Sara and I go to the same church. Last summer we both went 
to a summer camp with our youth group. Iile stayed in a cabin that 
had girls from our church and another church from San Jose- Our 
ages ranged from twelve years of age to eighteen years of age. 

I talk about the camp experience because I never had a chance 
to see her at school. Buti she did give me an idea of what her 
time in junior high was like. From what I have heardn she did not 
exactly have the best of times. 

She told me of how she would sit by herself during breaksi 
reading a book while other kids played hand-ball or talked amongst 
their groupsn never to be invited to sit with others. 

I have often wondered why Sara was not able to make friends 
while in junior high and then I began to think about my own past. 
Although I had a few close friendsi it still was a very difficult 
time for me. I think the reason I feel so close to Sara is because 
in some waysi I can relate to her. I can remember some of the 
lonely pain she must have felt at school. 

When I was in junior highn all of the kids seemed to be 
changing. fluickly changingn into welln none of us knew. But-, we 
were definitely! without question changing. Because of these 
changesi many of the kids almost seemed to enjoy choosing certain 
individuals to pick on or absolutely ignore. 

It seemed as though Sara was excluded (I think) because she 

was a little more mature-i gentlen and kinder than most of the 

others. Therefore! they probably did not understand heri nor did 
they take the time to. 

I believe and feel that in a couple of yearsi her peers will 
see her for the extraordinary person that she is. And then! she 
will be surrounded by friends that want to know who she really is. 




Coach Henderson has been a symbol of authority at Liberty 
Union High School for many years. His attitude on life has allowed 
him to leave an expression on most anybody that he meets. The I 
don't give a shit" expression on his face is one of the most vivid 
traits. Though Coach Henderson is a man of few flaws to many 
people^ some of his players can't help but notice some of the 
changes he has had over the years that we've known him. some of 
the changes were welcome sights^ but others seemed less radiant 
to us and made a figure seem human to us. Below are many examples 
of changes of our God. 

When we first met Coach Henderson^ we where new to high 
school. He was incredible. He was like no other person I'd seen 
before. His authority could turn the toughest student into a 
dwarf. In shorty Coach was a ruthless powerhouse. But through the 
years^ changes in my opinion had come about. I started to see that 
he was just human. He had feelings just like me. 

Just like his God-like traits stood out, so did his arrogance. 
He was one of the most arrogant men I knew. I remember the 
mornings in P.E. that he would constantly remind us that he was in 
control. He always wanted to make sure that that was very clear 
to us. He did not care what you thought, as long as you thought 
his way. Things started to take a turn though. I started to 
notice that his arrogance was looking like an act. And I came upon 
that conclusion; it was an act to keep up his image. 

Along with Coach Henderson's God-like haughtiness and his 
arrogance, his unpredictability was very noticeable. He would just 
do off-the-wall stuff. I remember one occasion when he approached 
me and said that he could drop me in a second. Then he flashed me 
a small smirk and trotted off. I knew that he was kidding but 
that's the way he was. I never knew what was next. Again, things 
started to change. After being around him so long, you could 
determine his every action. It was outstanding to me. It turned 
into sort of a personal goal to determine his next action. After 
a while, my guesses were 99% right. 

Among all his other traits, his bad temper was the worst. I 
remember watching him tear referees in two. When he got fired up, 
you just couldn't stop him. One time he told this referee off in 
words and phrases that I had never heard before. It's a wonder 
why he didn't have a cardiac arrest. Changes had occured in his 
temper though. He had started to mellow out. He doesn't even yell 
at games anymore. He just looks at you, like he's looking right 
through you. It was a good change though. 


I really don't know the reason for the change in his temper, 
but it was very noticeable to us. It should have been noticeable 
to others also^ because when he was in a good mood, so were we. 

It's amazing what changes you see in a person through out the 
years of knowing them. It's really quite an experience to just sit 
back and analyze a person. You really start to notice how much you 
really know them. Out of all his traits, I never thought his 
temper would change. I guess you never fully know a person. The 
only conclusion that I can make is that maybe we are maturing. 



In our time there is a very interesting and fast paced game 
that changes with consistent style- In my opinion the man who has 
changed this game the most is an individual by the name of Michael 
Jordan. This man alone has changed the game in many ways. 

One way in which Michael Jordan has changed himself along with 
the game of basketball is that he has moved on in every level of 
the game. Starting at the high school level-i when he didn't even 
make the Varsity team as a sophomoren but when he did make the 
teamn he rewrote the record books. As he moved on to college-, he 
was expected to do works of magici which is what he did doing 
wonders of trickery. There wasn't a single man in the game who 
could guard him. Finally as he moved on to the final level of 
playi the Prosn he was nothing less than dramatic He has 
accomplished such feats as Defensive Player of the Yearn All-First 
team: Defensen scoring leadern league M.V.P.n Slam-Dunk Championi 
All-star M.V.P.n and leader in steals. 

Another way in which Michael has changed is by the amount of 
leap he has. He never used to be able to dunk. He got his first 
dunk in a freshmen high school basketball game. From that point 
on-, he has never looked back. By the time he was a senior in high 
schooli he could do any move imaginable. Since he has been in the 
NBAt he has won Slam-Dunk Champion honors twice. 

Finally! the most important way Michael Jordan has changedn 
is that of being a good person as well as a role model on the 
court. Michael Jordan was known as a cocky boy throughout his high 
school and college days. But when he reached the Prosn he finally 
realized he needed to become a better person. 

Michael Jordan has gone through many changes throughout his 
lifetime and will continually change. Michael Jordan is clearly 
a great role model for people of all ages. 




Earvin "Magic" Johnson is a ten year veteran basketball player 
for the Los Angeles Lakers. Magic uas a first round draft pick 
from the University of Michigan- 

Magic has been an All-Star player since nso. Being the All- 
Star player that he is-, he always rises to the competition and 
occasion and will never let his talent go to his head* For 
example-, in the nfl?-n8B N.B.A- Finals against the Detroit 
Pistons-, he played hard enough to win the game for the Lakers while 
still managing to break many records. He does this time and time 
again. Even though he had three championship rings prior to these 
games and several other awardsn he was still voted the "Outstanding 
Player." He plays in every game he can. 

Magic has been a starter for the Los Angeles Lakers since the 
n7*l-n60 season. Being a starter since his rookie season has 
given him the knowledge and ability to be a great team leader. For 
example-, the first year Magic played for the Lakers he led them to 
a national championship- 
Magic's incredible ability to play professional basketball 
began as a young kid-, playing in the parks whenever he had a 
chance. Magic-, always keeps these memories in mind-, now coaching 
a kid's basketball camp. Magic knows what it is like at a young 
age-, and he believes that he can greatly influence other kids to 
be great athletes like himself. He coaxes kids to try and stay off 
the streets and out of trouble. 

Magic Johnson can be regarded as a talented-, skilledi and 
generous basketball player as well as an all-around great person. 





It yas our freshman year. iile were young and in love. My 
friend Jessica had been "going out" with her new-, high school 
boyfriend for a feu weeks* I had my eyes set on his friend* 

So after a feu conversations! Jess had it set up that we would 
go over to her boyfriends' friends' house to "visit" one day that 

It was mid September three years agoi and the weather was 
similar to this years. 

Jessica and I set out on our mission. Hers' to see her 
boyfriendn mine to work on acquiring a boyfriend. Ue got on our 
ten speed bikes and headed for Brandons' house- 

This journey was an experience in itself. The only way to get 
to Brandons' house was to ride Highway ^ to his street. The recent 
rain had created freshn deepn mud puddles- These were especially 
treacherous because we had to swerve to miss them which usually 
made us venture onto the highway. 

(lie were honked at-, yelled at-, and generally harassed until we 
went back on to our non-existent bike path. 

Iile finally arrived at Raye Avenue-, thank God. ble rode to the 
end and found that Bill and Brandon were waiting at the top of his 
sloped driveway. 

I must have been in front of Jessica because I had parked my 
bike and was heading towards the guys before Jessica had gotten off 
of her bike. 

I said "Hi!" and waited for Jessica to get her bike down. 
Jessica was wearing black pants and a long white sweater. Somehow 
her sweater must have caught on the bike seat because all of the 
sudden Jessica was in one of those fresh-i deep-i mud puddles. 

Uelln of course! we all went into hysterical laughteri all of 
ust including Jessica's new boyfriend. I shared her embarrassment 
at that moment. In a way I think I almost felt worse. 

Whenever I see a puddle now-. I think of that day. 




Two summers ago-, my family and I went on a vacation to 
Washington D-C. The previous springi our dozen cats had produced 
about eight or nine kittensi and we took a liking to one. 
Unfortunately ■> little did we know that the friendly furry feline 
we simply called "Kitty" would one day be subjected to a horror too 
awful to imagine. Our poor innocent kittenn along with about a 
dozen other cats-i was set upon by a pack of marauding coyotesi and 
all but Kitty were torn to bits. Uhen we returned from Uashingtoni 
we found Kitty hiding in the bushesn renamed him "Lucky"-i and took 
him insiden to live in the house. But from that terrible nighti 
the Night of the Coyotesn Lucky developed some serious problemsn 
and he was forever changed. 

Before the awful Coyote Incidenti Lucky was a typical kitten- 
-always begging to be petted-i picked upn or fed. But after his 
family was eaten-t Lucky refused to have anything to do with humans. 
He quivered when he was heldi he shook and growled when someone 
petted himi and he only ate small scraps of food. His basic fear 
of people wore off after a few hungry daysi but even nowi two years 
latern Lucky shakes and has nervous tics whenever anyone approaches 

Lucky was always a calm cati at least before the Great Cat 
Massacre. Nowadaysi if he is asleep or restingi and something as 
small as a pencil falls to the groundn Lucky will leap straight up 
in the air and run for cover. 

Anyone who has owned a cat knows that they are independent i 
and each cat is a little eccentric--like sitting on top of the 
television! or sleeping in the car engine--but after the death of 
his familyn Lucky became a through-and-through nutcase. He droolsi 
runs into thingsT and every once in a while collapses. He won't 
walk up stairsi but lives in a tree. Lucky seems to have a bladder 
control problem! although he can certainly control his bladder 
outdoors (he saves it all up for the couch in the living room). 
Lucky just hasn't been the same since the Night of the Coyotes. 

Poor Lucky. He is definitely a strange cati but a well-named 
one. Out of twelve to fifteen catsi he was the only survivor-, but 
he seems to have a form of post-tramatic stress disorder. But he 
is our only remaining cati and we love him. 




fly mother is such a great person even though everyone says 
this-i I feel in my heart it is especially true> Ky mother has 
always been depended on-i and I never wanted to leave her warm-i 
Christian side* No matter what the problem wasi she was there* >• 
as a child and difficult teenager* 

She would always tell me how-i as I became a teenager-i there 
would be times in the future when I would hate her* I swore and 
promised up and down^ this could never take place* 

"Mother's know everything" is true in my eyes now* She was 
completely correct. In my past three years of being a teenager-i 
there have been horrible arguments-i and I have put my mom in tearsi 
and yes-i even screamed those unforgettable-i unforgiving-i sinful 
wordsi "I hate You!" 

I've never had a reason to say these words to heri she devotes 
her life to me-i and gives me everything I want (except a car). She 
does nothing for herself* fly mother has three jobs-i I am an 
expensive kid with expensive tasten and I don't do any chores* 
Still-i just because she worries about me maybe a little too much-i 
those words slipped out of my mouth and into my guilt-filled 

Recently-i two days before my senior yeari I had to rush my 
mother to Emergency at two o'clock in the morning* She was 
fainting^ spitting up bloods and in great pain* I didn't think it 
was too seriousn because^ welli my mom doesn't get sick - only I 
do* fly mother takes care of men not vice versa* 

She was in the hospital for three and a half weeks* I had 
saved her life* She had surgery and lost nine pints of blood* 

During all of thisn I was a wreck and had to take over my 
mother's duties at home plus my own* I was faced with such pain 
over my mother* The strongest woman in the world was now the 
weakest-i and I cried I wept* 

All the arguments became so petty in my mind- Uhat if she 

died and I had said I hated her^ how horrible- 
She's alive and I promised to treat her like a queen^ because 

she is one- fly mother and her kindness are not to be taken 

advantage of again* I love her dearly* 





Mary was a wonderful personi and was well respected. She was 
a strong-willedT healthyi young and very honest person to deal with 
in life- I was really proud of her. 

The respect that she had for me and for other people who loved 
her was gone when she met her so-called "friendsi" the drug 
dealers. These friends with whom she associated became the 
greatest people on earth to her. When I met her new friendsi I 
thought of them as scummy people. They had oily hairn ripped 
pantsi dirty shirts and were always high on drugs. I really don't 
understand why she chose these kinds of people to associate with 
because she was always a clean-i neat person- It wasn't until she 
started to hang around with them twenty-four hours a day that Mary 
became one of them. At this pointi my respect for her was 
completely gone. She was on drugs! She started to dress in a 
disheveled wayn and her appearance looked terrible. She was 
pitiful because she threw her life away and hurt the people who 
loved her. 

flary lost her self-respect- She became so weak emotionally 
that she began taking drugs just to fit in with her new friends. 
She used every cent that she had to buy drugs. She would sell 
things or borrow money just to possess the drugs she needed. It 
made me sick to see thatn because she was a very strong-willed 
person. I guess the drugs are more powerful to her because she 
gave everything up for drugs and old friends- 
Lack of self-respect and drug dependency led Mary to become 
very unhealthy. The tan disappeared from her face-i creating a 
yellowish appearance. Mary was always sniffing from cold symptoms. 
She ate irregularlyi lost weightT and looked like an emaciated 
skeleton. She was a totally different person- 

With continued drug use-i Mary's youthful appearance 
disappeared. She never had energyi she slept irregularly. Mary's 
face became urinkled-i and she had bags under her eyes- She 
reminded me of something that died and came back on Halloween- 

Finallyn our friendship died because of lack of trust- She 
would take money from her parents and from me without asking- She 
would steal and sell things to have money for her precious drugs- 
Worst of alln she would say something! and then say-. ''I never said 
that." She would lie to save her little butt. That made me so 
upset. You seen drugs make you very dishonest. 

After being involved with drugsn you lose the respect of 
others who love you. Your emotional strength disappears because 
of the drugs you use- Youn body starts to deteriorate. Honesty is 
no longer important to you because of the powerful effect that the 
drugs have on you- Mary was a victimi a person who couldn't say 
"no" to drugs- 





I think passing a law to illegalize abortions is the wrong 
thing to do- Many people would be hurt in marriages and love 
affairs. If a law is passed against having abortions-i this will 
not mean they will stop- The subject would turn ugly and violent. 
This is a very touchy subject in which I am stating my opinion. 

Many people would be hurt in marriages and love affairs. The 
divorce rate would probably increase due to this law. It would 
make everybody take a stand on the subjecti and this would break 
many couples apart. This would be just one more thing for couples 
to fight over. This is one of the reasons I think there shouldn't 
be a law passed against having abortions- 

Not only would more relationships be broken upn but if the 
law passedn this will not mean that abortion will stop. In the 
1'^20'st when the prohibition law was amended to the constitution! 
did the people stop makingn buyingi and consuming alcoholf Uelli 
guess whatf Abortions are not going to stop either. If abortions 
were outlawedn many women would be hurt by undercover! fast 
talking! overnight scams. This is why I am against an anti- 
abortion law. 

Besides ruining romances and causing pain and anguish-i the 
subject would turn very ugly and violent. Recently (in the last 
10 years) many pro and anti-abortion groups have held 
demonstrations. These demonstrations today ar& sometimes violent. 
Just think if a law was passed on having an abortion would do. 
There would be bloodshed and havoc until everybody came to their 
right mind to stop it. 

I think passing a law against having abortions is the wrong 
thing to do- Many marriages and relationships would be broken- 
The subject would turn ugly and violent- These are the reasons I 
think an anti-abortion law should not be passed- 





It was the summer of my sophomore yearn and I was "in love". 
I had the perfect girlfriend! She was smarti kindn caringi descent 
looking! and most of alii she had a lot of common sense. Lie were 
so happy together-i nothing could tear us apart. Or so I thought! 

It was a cold and gloomy day in December. I knew the day was 
starting off wrong when our water heater broke and I had to take 
a cold shower that morning! I hoped the day would get betteri but 
I was wrong! Before school was normaln we went to the cafeteria 
and talked with our friendsi then went to class* Then lunch time 
came. My girlfriend and I weren't getting along too well at the 
moment. So we decided to have a serious talk. She was telling me 
that we were growing in two different directions* Our lives were 
to busy to have a relationship. But I knew it was all a line of 
BS* I then realized what she was going to say next* Right after 
I recited these words in my head-i I heard her say them-. "I think 
that we should stop seeing each other." I knew iti words from 
hell! I mean these words were almost as bad as hearing them turn 
you down becausen "we're too good as friendsi and I don't want to 
take a chance of ruining our friendship!" I mean those are the 
worst words a guy could hear!! Especially when he's in love! 

As soon as I heard those infamous wordsi an ungodly feeling 
came over me. One that I had only felt once before* But this was 
definitely worse* It took me a few secondsn but after I finally 
cleared my head of the devastation! I remembered this feeling! 

It was the month of Januaryi l^^Sb* It had just stopped 
raining on a dark Sunday afternoon* Three of my friends came over 
and we decided to play football with the new football my friend got 
for Christmas* Ue played for two hoursi and we decided that the 
next point would win-i since the score was tied. The other team had 
the balln but we intercepted it in their end zone. So down field 
we marchedi my friend David and I* Then we came to the five yard 
mark* One more score and we win! The tension was growing by the 
second* David and I went back to huddle up* Ue came up with the 
ultimate plan* Ue would run a sweep around the end and into the 
cornern just like the pro's! Ue walked up to the line* He called 
"hike" and handed me the ball! Around the corner I went! Faster 
than ever before! But then it happened! I was running faster than 
my blocker and our legs got tangled up somehow! I went flyingi 
over the sidewalk-, and right into the fire hydrant-, head first! 
As I lay there on the ground-, my friends came running over to see 
if I was alright! I didn't feel too good-, because everything was 
spinning around in circles! I reached up to feel my head-, which 
was really throbbing hard by nowi and when I brought my hand down-. 


there was blood on it! I had split my head open when I crashed 
into the fire hydrant! All of a sudden I felt really queasy and 
weak stomached! I ended up with a major concussion! 

That feeling of queasiness is the feeling that I was 
experiencing at that moment with my girlfriend. As I sat therei 
half listening-, half thinking-i I couldn't decide what hurt the 
worst-i getting my head cracked open-i or having my heart smashed 
into millions of little pieces! After it was all over with-i and 
I was sitting in fifth period thinkingn I realized it was less 
painful to have my head cracked open-i than to have my heart 
crushed! ! ! 





In 1982, I was at the beginning of my sports career. 
We went to Busto Carolfo, close to Milan^ for a very 
important competition. 

It was so cold that only ten runners started, while 
the other ten (one of them was a friend of mine^ Daniel), 
did not want to run because of the cold weather. 

While we were running, it started to rain, but it 
was not only rain; it was hail. A lot of runners quit 
while me and two other runners kept going, though the cold 
weather did not allow us to move our fingers. At the end 
of the competition, I was the last one, and I was upset be- 
cause I thought, "I could stop; there was no reason to keep 

While we were coming back, I thought about my run. 
"Why should I be upset? I was the last one okay, but 
seven runners stopped, and after all, I showed a lot of 
willpower. Besides I helped my team to gain points." 

During the competition our Vice Coach was on track, 
and he was proud to see an athlete of his team to keep 
going on and finish the competition. The next day he 
shook my hand with tears in his eyes. 




There was this guy whose name is Victorn who always liked to 
do crazy stunts just to see if he could accomplish them. 

One afternoon after school Victor and one of his friends 
decided they wanted to make a ramp and jump over a fence- They 
thought that they would be Evil Kinevil and do a daring stunt- 
Victor's friend went first- He got a good running start- He hit 
the ramp and cleared the fencei but he landed too hard and hurt his 
leg- A few minutes later Victor started to try the stunt- He also 
got a good running starti but just as he hit the rampn he stopped 
pedallingn Victor's front tire hit the fencen Victor was launched 
through the air until he hit the ground- Victor's friend was 
laughing hysterically at Victor- Victor got up off the groundi 
dusted himself offn and started limping toward his bike which was 
still caught in the fence- Victor didn't get hurt too bad-, just 
a few scrapes and scratches- 

Victor hasn't tried any stunts lately maybe he has learned 
his lesson against stunts- 





As I sat at the window in my bedroomi I stared outside at the 
damp and dreary day. I was terribly comforted to be in my house 
with my favorite blanket wrapped around me- Out of the corner of 
my eye-i I picked up some sort of movement. Down the street were 
a group of young children playing in an old cardboard box- 
Apparently they were playing like they were on a ship because they 
were all yelling "SHARK" at the top of their lungs. It seemed so 
odd to see those kids outside in such terrible weather- Suddenly 
I started to think of one of my adventures that included a sharks 
or what I thought was a shark- 

My father and I were invited by a couple of his friends to go 
along on a weekend dive trip- I was still very young and 
inexperienced at the sportn but I felt that I was very well 
supported. I mean what could be better than the company of your 
father and a couple of his friends- 

My father was a big man- When I say bign I don't mean that 
he is fat or talln but he is more like a shorti stocky kind of guy- 
One of his friends was Rick ricClelland. I had always liked Rick 
because he could always make me laugh. He was the kind of guy that 
always had a smile on his face that went from ear to ear-i sort of 
like a monkey. That could be why he always made me laugh. 

Ue had it all planned out to leave the night before- My 
father had asked me if I had wanted to back out- He had told me 
that the weather report said that it was quite nasty on the coast. 
I had no choice though. I wanted to show my father just how tough 
I was- Little did I know that this would be one incident that I 
would remember for the rest of my life- 

bJe had left that night and spent the night on the coast- Ue 
all had to sleep in the van. I always hated sleeping in the van. 
I hated the musty smell of that heap of motion. I felt as if I 
were going to be confined there for the rest of my lifei sort of 
like a dungeon. 

My father had awoken me early that next morning. It was real 
cold and murky outside. The mist was so heavy that it was more 
like a rain. I sure did feel miserable- Just when I thought that 
nothing could get worsei I remembered that I had left my wetsuit 
out the night before. Now I had to slip on a real wetsuit- It was 
an awful feeling- I think that it reminded me of slipping into a 
pool of pond scum- It had turned into a horrible morning- 

Half-heartedly I began to put on my wetsuit and get ready for 
the big dive- I was very nervousn but I tried as hard as possible 


not to let it show- I had heard about the rough waters and the 
numerous shark attacks in this area. It's amazing what thoughts 
go through your head when you're miserable. These two thoughts 
worked on my mind real hard. I almost told my father that I did 
not want to go outn but I wanted to be tough. 

My father was very understanding with me that morning. He 
had helped me carry my gear down to the beach and even guide me 
into the water and waited for me to get used to it. After I got 
used to iti I followed him out to his "secret spot." 

I floated on the surface and watched my father make a few 
dives. I tried to study him to see why he was so good. After a 
while I got my courage up and decided to make a dive- I took one 
last gulp of air-i as if it were to be my lasti and descended to the 
bottom. I tried to stay down for as long as possible-i but I was 
only under for a short time- After trying over and over again-i I 
had decided to take a rest on the surface. 

I soon discovered that resting on the surface was a bad idea- 
It seemed that when you rest on the surfacen you become very bored. 
And when you get boredn your mind begins to go into action. I had 
begun to think of things that should not be thought of when you are 
in the ocean. 

I had begun to think of huge tidal waves picking me up and 
throwing me against the rocksi breaking every bone in my bodyi or 
even Great White sharks latching on to one of my limbs and tearing 
it off savagely. Needless to sayi these thoughts were not very 

Suddenly at that instantn I was struck on the thigh. It was 
sort of a sharp thud. A piercing chill went through my body. I 
thought for sure that it was all over. I could just imagine the 
blood pouring from my thighi turning the sea a vivid carmine. 
Things were going all at oncei so I went into a panic frenzy. I 
had begun waving my hands and yelling "SHARK" at the top of my 

My father and his friends responded to my actions and started 
to gather around men firing questions in every direction- They 
were trying as hard as possible to calm me down. They had started 
to check me outn to see if my body was still intact. 

Soon I had decided that the mood had changed. Instead of my 
father and friends being stunned and quietn they were laughing 
hysterically. Before I knew iti they were laughing so hard that 
I thought they would drown. I felt really cold and empty at the 

Out of curiosityn I looked around to see what they were 

laughing at. To my astonishment t I saw something that I did not 

want to see. Floating upright in the wateri about ten feet awayi 

was a little seal pup. I did not know what to do. I did not know 

whether to cry or to laugh. In a way-> my pride was shattered. I 
just wanted to die-i I meani that seemed to be the only way out. 
The last I remember of that dayn my father and friends were still 
laughing. I knew that one day they would get theirs. 

It was close to two years lateri and I was much more 
experienced than before. Ue had set out on another one of our 
fantastic dive trips. (ile went to a different location this year 
and used a boat to go diving. I knew that it would be a good dive. 

Iile had arrived at a certain spot and decided to get into the 
water. My fathern on the other handi had other thoughts. He had 
a bit too much to drink the night before-« so he was taking his own 
sweet time. 

So all of us were in the water-i except for my father. He was 
still debating about whether or not it was worth getting in the 
water for a couple of little abalone. As expected-i he had remained 
in the boat. 

Suddenly we were overtaken by my father's screaming. He was 
shouting something at us and pointing to the north. I did not take 
us long to figure out what he was saying. He was calling out 

fluicker than we had ever moved beforei we made our way for the 
boat. bJe all jumped in the boat at almost the same time. Ue were 
shuffling around so much that we were almost killing each other 
trying to get in the middle of the boat. 

Once again things had turnedn but it wasn't against me. Ue 
all looked around to see that what my father had called sharks were 
merely a pair of porpoises making their way for their southern 
destination. I could not get over the look on my father's face as 
we laughed at him hysterically. It was almost sad- 

I guess this essay can really fit into one of those cliches- 
You know the onei he who laughs firsti laughs last. Uhen it all 
came down to it thoughi I would have it no other way. I'm just 
happy that they have something else to talk about at the dive 
meetings besides my incident. 





I was about seven years old^ living in Mexico City^ my dad had 
a hardware store at the corner of the block. That was where I used 
to play with my friends from next door. I remembered we all formed 
into groups and raced with our home-made cars that were just like 
an oversized skateboard made out of a piece of a wooden board and 
steel wheels. 

One time my friend asked me if I could go outside and play, 
so I said, "Yes, it will be fun." We took my car out and we 
decided to go down the steepest street on the block. We struggled 
to get to the top of the street, and once we got there, we sat on 
our cars and let gravity do the rest. It seemed that we were not 
going as fast as we wanted to, so my friend and I started to push 
our home-made vehicles with our hands while it was still going 
about ten miles per hour. I was so thrilled with the speed that 
I accidentally got my hand caught on one of the wheels and smashed 
it. When I took a look at it, I almost cried, but I didn't. I 
toughed it out, my whole fingernail broke, exposing some ugly skin 
covered with dripping blood, I just showed it to my friend Pancho. 
He appeared to be disgusted by it, since his facial expressions 
were not too appealing. After that he helped me carry my car, and 
I went to my house immediately. 

As I got in my house, I hid my finger from my dad, who was 
attending the store, and I ran to the second story where my mom saw 
me and rushed to my aid. She took very good care of that finger 
injury. I'm glad I had a wonderful mom. 





As I was walking out to my car-i I felt a gentle breeze brush 
over me. It was a cool afternooni and the sun was a soft shade of 
gold. I got into my car and began to leave. It was time to see 
my grandpa. 

Feeling a little thirsty and knowing I had a long drive ahead 
of me^ 1 stopped in Lucky's for a soda. I got myself a 7-up and 
headed for the quick check. As I slowly moved up in linen in the 
corner of my eyen I saw them- The Reed's rootbeer lifesavers. 

fly mindn heart-i and soul were suspended momentarily! then 
there I was-, a five year old little girl-i ponytail's and all. fly 
grandpa and I were walking through the park on the way to the 
bijoun hand in handn sharing a pack of Reed's Rootbeer Lifesavers. 
He'd taken me to the matineei like we did every Sundayi and he'd 
filled me with all the things I wasn't supposed to havei and by the 
end of the movie-i I was asleep as usual. It didn't matter to him 
thoughn he'd carry me as far as I wanted to goi "to the stars in 
heavenn" he said. "I'll give you the world." Skipping and dancing 
through the playground on the way homei we'd slowly solve the 
world's problems through the eyes of a child and finish our Reed's 
Rootbeer Lifesavers. 

Often he would tell mei but rarely did I understand when he 
said he wouldi "give me the world." 

It was a typical family occasionn everyone was therei the 
aunt'sn uncle'Si kid'Sn and of course all us grandchildren. All 
of us would sit on his lapi cause he'd always have something for 
us. The other kids got a quarter or a piece of butterscotch candy-i 
that was my grandpa's personal favorite-i and I repliedi "what about 
mef" He took me aside and saidi "let me tell you a secreti love 
can take you to the stars in heavenn and when I reach onen it will 
be for you." 

Realizing where I was-. I got my things together and was 
driving. Closely approaching his housei I pulled had 
been so long. I stepped ini set down my sodan and headed for the 
bedroom. The walk down that hallway seemed unbelievably long-i and 
I shook with every step. I opened the door-, and there he was-, 
laying defenseless as a 7b year old man would. He opened his eyes 
as I sat next to him. He wasn't the man I remembered-, but I loved 
him no less. Not until I looked at him for that moment did I fully 
understand all he had given me in such a small amount of words. 
It was something more than money or candy could ever amount to-, it 
was apart of himself. 


He reached out for me. I held his hand and never shared 
something so special with anyone like I did with him just then. 


As I sat down in third periodi I watched the rain slither down 
the window like a snake. I watched this girl running down the 
halli but it did not look good. She had already missed the tardy 
bell and was going to be late anyway. What did it matter? She 
held her books above her headi as did many of the peoplei just so 
the rain would not mess up her hair- She tried to stop too fasti 
and-, she felln nice and hard to the floor the cement floorn 
sliding right into a wetn mud puddle. 

I cracked a little laugh but could not help to feel sorry for 
her. I could not have been the only one to noticen because sooni 
the whole class became loud and rude about the incident. By now 
they were making jokes and pointing. I had stopped laughing by now 
and began reminiscing. 

I could not help but think back to the time in third grade 
when this had happened to me. I remember it like it was yesterday. 
I remember it was the ten minute breaki and I was being my normali 
noseyi little self. I was staring into the window as Stefan got 
yelled at. He usually did this on a regular basis. So-i I was 
looking into the room as he got scolded and did not find it 
interesting any longer. I turned away and began talking to my-, at 
that timen best friend Renee- 

I had my back to the door-, right when Renee yelled-, "Look 
Out!" Stefan was on his way out the door-, and he was raging past- 
Just as I turned aroundi the door flew openi and hit me. I was 
sent hurdling to the mud puddle behind me- I was wearing my 
favorite-, white dress-, now it was a bright brown. Only being in 
the third grade-, I began to cry. 

Just as I began to cry-, the bell had rung-, and-, my fellow 
students were on their way to line up. As the students approached 
me-, the laughter that I heard in the distance grew louder and 
louder. This hysterical laughter of theirs made me feel even worse 
then when it had first happened- 

Mrs. Laurai my favorite teacher's aide-, came over to help me 
up. She told the students that it was not nice to laugh at me. 
fly laughing class did not even seem to notice that their laughter 
had mentally crushed my ego. Mrs. Laura walked me to the office-, 
and let me call my mom. Even Joyce in the office cracked a bit of 
a giggle. I called my mom-, and she let me stay home for the rest 
of the day. 

Now I know that it is true-, what comes around really does go 
around. Next time someone falls-, do not laughi you could be next- 




The only thing I could think of isn't even that bad. I know 
there are plenty of embarrassing things that have happened to me 
over my past seventeen years. But for my sake and yoursn I've 
blocked them out. This incident I'm about to describe uias not a 
major tragedy in my life. Although whom it happened in front of 
made it seem like a triple bypass. 

Where I used to go to schooli we had trimesters. This takes 
place during my P.E. class. For P.E.i in the winteri we went 
swimming. The fall we went bowlingi and spring we stayed at 
school. My so-called "tragedy" occurred during the falli BOWLING 

We had to take the school bus into town to the local bowling 
alley. So being as it was a small town schooln I knew everybody 
on the bus. Since I had lived there my whole fifteen yearsi I had 
either known my classmates since we were babies or had come to know 
them during junior high- One of the classmates was my-> at that 
timei knight in shining armor-i Ryan Trulove. The tallestn and in 
my opinion! most sexy creature on this earth. 

It started out to be a regular dayi that cold day in January. 
I woke up half an hour laten missed the busi and managed to get in 
a fight with each individual of my family. So actually it was 
starting out better than usual. It didn't even occur to me that 
in just a few hours my life would change in the span of one class 
time . 

When we arrived at the bowling alleyn we picked out our teams 
and got our bowling shoes. Those shoesn you know the onesn they 
were always the worst part of our class bowling trips. We all 
walked around looking as if a puppy had just finished gnawing on 
our feet all day. And the smelli I'd rather not describe that. 
And wearing those oldn worni smellyn and overall disgusting shoes 
had no traction. 

That day in January at the Cheney Bowli I decided to be 
daring. Instead of the normal girl nine pound balln I picked up 
a thirteen pounder. Everyone stared at me with utter confusion and 
awe . 

Being careful not to slip and make a fool out of myself on the 
hardn polishedn slippery wood floori I slowly made my way to my 
lane. As everyone looked on-i I approached the lane. The little 
white pins looked as if they were a thousand miles away. I stood 
and held fast to my overwhelming balli my young fingers that were 
snug in the oversized holes of my thirteen pounder were quickly 
growing weak. 


Everybody was soon back to normali so I decided to go for it. 
Using my hard practiced bowling walk techniques In with feet clad 
in my ancient shoes on the overwaxed flooPn set out for a strike- 

riy walk was perfect. I had beautiful formn but just as I was 
releasing my balln my feet slipped out from under me. I was then 
sent bumpingi slidingi hurling-i and screaming down the lane- When 
I recall the falln all I remember is seeing those whitei painted 
dots on the floor whizzing by my face- The smell of Mop and Glo-. 
waxi and dust I remember was overwhelming in my sensitive nostrils. 
After skidding slowly to a stopi it finally dawned on me what had 
happened! so I lay there stiff as a board waiting for the laughter. 
I only moved oncen I lifted my head up just far enough to see if 
I knocked down any pins. I was hoping for at least one good thing 
to come out of this incredibly embarrassing predicament. They 
stood unmovedn of course- 

Then still unmoved on the floor I listenedn it was totally 
silent. I felt a surge of reliefi thinking that my classmates had 
missed the whole incident and were on the school bus waiting for 
me- But yet I was afraid to turn around. The silence was the type 
that makes your ears ringi like just before someone jumps out to 
scare you in a haunted house on halloween. But I had this feeling 
of victory! like the feeling you had when you successfully got away 
with stealing a cookie from the forbidden cookie jar before dinner. 
I slowly turned around. I saw not a single soul. So I slowly 
started walking up to the fronti then suddenly I was caught cookie 
in hand. I then discovered where my classmates had disappeared to. 
They had alli including my bign intimidating! cowboy of a P.E. 
teacher! the Cheney Bowl owner! and every single one of my 
classmates fallen to the floor in hysterics. The only sound that 
was made was their moaning and groaning for oxygen. Even the man 
of my dreams! my knight in shining armor was writhing on the floor! 
which wasn't very becoming- 
Arriving at the benches where they had once been seated! they 
all looked up at me with bloodshot! hound dog eyes and continued 
to laugh twice as hard- After what seemed an eternity! sort of 
like when the principal is lecturing! some managed to stand 
themselves up> 

l! having the pride of a forty year old woman in a Fredrick's 
of Hollywood shop! picked up my normal nine pounder and finished 
my game- 

When we got back to the schooli after what seemed an eternityi 
with my smirking P-E. teacher! giggling classmates! and hysterical 
boyfriend! I finally realized the day was hopeless- All eight 
hundred people in my school knew in the span of ten minutes- 
Even though I don't see those people more than twice a year! 
they still haven't forgotten that day! after three years- The 
people you grew up with don't forget anything! but the things you 

want them to remember the most- 




Steve Sax was the worst player around^ 
Anyone who ever saw him play would frown. 

Some people would call him the "Error King% 

His bat was always silent cause he never hit a thing. 

He Played for L.A.^ which is the worst team of all^ 

He was one of the worst rated players in all of baseball! 

But then he was traded to New York^ 
People were saying^ "Oh no, he's a dork!" 

Then he became one of the best around. 

Last year, leaving only four errors to be found! 

He is a very big part of their double play system. 

You can even hear him hit the ball, without trying to listen! 

He is now one of the top players in MLB, 
And believe me, he's surely a sight to see! 

Watching Steve Sax play second base. 
Is a definite thing of beauty and grace! 





You are my star, you are my light, 

Shining brightly you are, so near yet so far. 

You are still in my mind although not in my sight 

Far away you are and I can still hear your voice. 

And see your bright and shiny face. 

I wish you were here, but I have no choice. 

You know that you will always be my perfect ace. 

Friends we became, 

And friends we shall remain. 


Times spent together-i 
Things we use-. 
All the money ue spendn 
The clothes we choose. 

Weekend night moviesn 
Walking in the parkn 
Telling our fearsi 
Scared of the dark. 

Money to lend-. 
The stuff we buy-. 
Our private talks-. 
About the guys. 

The fun we had-. 
May it never end-, 
(lie want it to last^ 
And always be friends-. 






Living on the Delta is fishing at its best. 

Stripers-. Bass-i and Cats all give your line a test. 

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned fisherman-i the 

Excitement is neat. 

Jumping and pullingi tugging for their life-. 

Your heart skips a beat-, but you can't quit 

It's such a good fight- 

Winning or losing-, man against all oddsi 

The fish are always in charge. 





The best time of the year is Autumn for hunting-i 

When the leaves begin to falli 

And the pheasants cackle rises across the grass so tall. 

The quail's whistle beckons from brush piles of thistles 

Along the fences or barren orchards. 

The squirrel's chatter echoes through the forest shadows 

The deer quietly nibble buck brush along the stream. 

Then I realize this has all been just my dream. 





Outside is darkn dark and stilln 
But-i not so dark where one can't see-i 
The light outside my eyes to filli 
Of memories of you reminisced by me. 

Love we once hadn once that was gonen 
Replenished throughout! for all coming dawns. 

For memories a lossi and memories a glow-i 
Thank the man on the moon shown a lone facei 
Watch the moon for mindful thoughts only you knowi 
Thoughts of you one by one you retrace. 

Uhen twilight sets and the moon sneeks outi 
Climbing up to its highest of highsn 
Knowing so smoothly its heavenly routei 
Being so brave knowing it will soon die. 

The moon is the nucleus of the night time domei 

Its radiance is shown for us all-. 

Looking so peaceful-, taking its time to roam-. 

The beauty will be there winter-. Spring -, Summer or Fall. 

As dawn arrives the star of Diana falls awayi 

The sun dauntless to our emergence-, and the moon goes astrayi 

The moon beams diminish ray by ray-. 

If you ask me-, the light of the moon is brighter-, than the light 

of the day. _. 




The boy who lives down the street, 

A person who means so very much to me, 

I always feel my heart beat quickly when we meet. 

Hoping that in the future we are a couple to be. 

Memories of fun and excitement alive in my mind, 

He is someone kind and thoughtful, as well as funny, 

An individual such as he is so hard to find, 

Without him, I can not imagine, probably a life that's not as 

sunny . 

Never expecting too much from me, I always want to be the best. 

Saving those special moments that we share. 

He is welcome in my home as family, not just a guest. 

To be without his warm arms for any time is hard to bear. 

I thank God for such an awesome guy. 

If Scott should say good-bye, I feel my heart would die. 




Flying a plane is my dream^ 

To soar high in the sky^ 

To fly fast to moke the plane scream^ 

This is no lie for me wanting to fly high 

Having my dream come true^ 

Will always be in my mind^ 

I want to fly in the sky that is blue^ 

My chance will come only in time. 

When I am ready I will be prepared. 
To fly. 

To do what no one else has dared. 
To do while in the sky. 

Now while I am in school I have to 
Wait for my dream to come true. 





Some people say football players are dumbi 

With the 1(3 of an ape. 

They say our brains are numbi 

And the size of a grape. 

Ue don't want to fightn 
Ue just want to play the game- 
some of us are bright-i 
Even though Johnny can't write his name. 

I don't do my homework all the timei 
And I don't belong to CSF. 
But I don't think that's a crime-i 
Because I'm still smarter than you- 

Now maybe you'll seei 
One plus one's not three. 





Driving in my car all alonen 
Only the stereo is my company. 
I'll go anywhere but homei 
As the road is all I see. 

All my troubles are behindi 
As I'm taking all the curves- 
Pleasant thoughts go through my mindi 
And not someone getting on my nerves. 

No one to say that I am urongi 

Or rules to make things bleaker. 

Just the lyrics of a songi 

From my Pioneeri doormount speakers. 

But then my problems are again alivei 
As I run down an unlucky family of five. 


The idol of the league-i 
He soars through the airn 
He loves to intriguei 
Some might say his talent is truly unfair. 

Over he went with a grinn 

Through he went with no denial-. 

Around he went again and again-i 

But never under because that's not his style 

Flying to parts unknowni 
Showing others how to dunk-i 
Michael is now known- 
He won't let his Bulls be sunk. 

Like a man with wings-i 

Come fly with me-, Come fly with me. 

There is nothing better than the power S finesse of the NBA 
Magic Johnson will bring this dream alive-i 
He'll show a crowd the play of the dayn 
This is why in 88 the Piston's couldn't survive. 

Along his side are some great players-i 

He shall be a factor in every gamei 

Some might wonder if he is an immortal saviori 

Almost as if he couldn't play lame* 

He would never promise a win against any team-i 

Always positive of the present time- 

On the court his shots hit the net like creamn 

Some might say one man with all his talent is a crime. 

Anyone who would doubt a man named Magic-i 

Couldn't possibly be educated on a level of collegic. 



Sometimes uhen I come home late at night-i 

I don't do my homework like I know I shouldi 

So tired sleep is the only thing in sighti 

Ahn I'll do it in the morning-i yeah that's good* 

Exhausted from pressures of the day timei 
Morning comes too fasti class is heren 
Oops! Mrs. Hardy's classi indite a poem with rhyme-i 
lilriting poems at dawn is truly unclear* 

Hold up-i wait a minute-i all my end words sound the same-i 

I don't approve of this one little bitn 

This is horrible Mrs- Hardy is to blamei 

My poem is beginning to sound like the pits* 

So if you come home laten make sure homework is what you 
Don for God's sake get all your poems written before you 
Get to P2. 


Cutting is a breeze-i 
Take a tip from me-i 
You just exit as you please-i 
Don't you see. 

If you do this in schooli 
Make it quick-i 

Everyone thinks you're cooln 
Don't get caught by Dick. 

If you do go to classi 

Which I don't know uhyn 

You're an assn 

So start telling your teacher byen bye. 

Basically class is the pitsi 

Especially when you have to sit and sit and sit 





riusic is the essence of life-i 
This statement proves to be true-i 
Even the notes that cut like a knife-i 
Uithout it you uould be blue- 

Uhether you inarch and play the flute^ 
Or sing opera in the choirn 
Uithout a tuang or tootn 
One's face would surely be sour- 
Not only man made music is great-i 
But also robin's chirping in treesn 
If you didn't know thisi it's not too late-i 
For your sake open your ears please- 
So whether the note be sharp or flati 
It can even be enjoyed by the ugliest rat- 


There are two people who know all about me-i 
And always know when to say the right thingn 
One is a sophomore girl who doesn't act three. 
The other is a senior boy who looks like a king. 

The sophomore girl has freckles and hair of red-i 
She always knows when I am sad and blue-i 
With a wonderful mind she never puts to bed-i 
And always has a smile that is true. 

The phrase of my pal is "Seniors are the Besfi 
He seems to know exactly how I feeli 
Horning talks with him help put my sorrows to restn 
Then to top it off a friendly hug to seal. 

Idith the two of them around I never have to frown-i 
Because if I ever doi they would pin me to the ground 


Confused little and nothing more-i 
A freshman in high schooli 
An opening of a new doori 
Didn't know any better-, felt like a fool. 

Getting down to studies-i 
It's my sophomore year. 
Runnin' around with my buddiesi 
Nothing to fear. 

Two years and I'm havin* funi 
Learning to be more capable- 
Thinkin' one more year and I'll be done 
Can't wait senior yearn unbreakable. 

God how all this flew by 
These memories will never die. 





A wandering souli 

surrounded-i • . . . yet alone- 

You tried to live life to the fullesti 

not truly knowing how- 
Missing all the simple pleasures in life-i 

and finding only unhappinessn • . • • the word printed 

across your heart. 

Youi the one who yearned for love and 


and It too young to know how to give it- 

A soul who's now reached its destiny. 
A fulfillment surrounds know I 
would never let you be alone. 

The promise of a joyful life-i....I can 
now return to you. 

For the love and security you needn lies 
within the bond of our friendship. 



Brady^ Cory-Lyn 
Camacho, Gonzalo 
Clanin, Tim 
Clinton^ Keri 
CriPDQ, Adriano 
Crowell, Gary 
Ehrlich, Rusty 
Ganz, Aaron 
Garcia, Eddie 
Garcia, Ruben 
Gepilano, Rick 
Gonzalez, Rob 
Herron, Tiffany 
Humphreys, Rodney 
Linden, Brian 
McClellan^ Amy 
Middleton, Jeff 
Murphy, Thom 

Neely, Karen 

Nevarez, Neika 
Oxley, Dana 
Parks, Michelle 
Pratt, Chris 
Proudfoot, Tom 



"The Boy Down the Street" 




"An Embarrassing Moment" 
"Cruzin' it" 




"Steve Sax" 


"I won't forget you" 






"The Last Crank Call" 


I'Flying" ,, 


"Stunt Boy" 


"Dr. Strange" 


"False Fears" 




"We're not dumb" 


"Feelings of Depression" 


"Nostalgic Youth" 


"Air Jordan" 


"Dunk Fest" 


"Don't Think & Drive" 


"The Joy Ride" 


"The Final Shot" 


"Michael Jordan" 




"The Big Escape" 


"Magic Johnson" 


"All-star Man" 


"The Season of Hunting" 


"Delta Fever" 


"My Sister" 


"Reeds' Rootbeer Lifesavers" 


"Not Doing Your Homework" 




"Abortion, My Opinion" 


"The Day I Earned My First 


Grey Hair" 
"Nightmare atthe Bowling 



"The Creation of Dads" 


"The Slip" 


"My Team" 


"Day to Remember" 


"At last I am a Senior" 


"The Craziest Day" 


"The Bike Ride" 


"Easter Sunday" 




"Lucky the Cat" 


"The Invisible Wars" 





Standridge. Robyn "fif ?,^??,er^''^" 36 

Tplle Carin "The Two of them" ^^ 

'^^^^^ ^^ "Farewell Party 20 

"Bowling Season ^9 

"Movie Bruises ,, |^ 

"Previewing One ^l. 

"High School" %l 

"Santa Cruz" 25 

Thompson, Toni -rirEruisis" g 

Vilarreal, Maria '.'Previewing One" ^/ 

Yeager, Edwin .High School ^z